The 4 Funding Applications.

The Post Office (arrow) and the Send Material! icon (spot).
0.2.1. Applications

- The applicant tries to gather as many funds as possible while applying to 4 different cultural institutions: Private Foundation Ministry of Culture International Funds Municipality

- Before sending an application, all the documents required by the Institution must be collected. Once the applicant has done so, the icon related to that Institution lights up and the warning icon Send Materials! starts flashing. Now is time for the applicant to go to the Post Office (the Right Ramp) and send all funding requirement applications that he/she has prepared.

- A Committee of Experts evaluates the applications in 15 seconds and then communicates its irrevocable decision.

- During this time the applicant must try to do whatever is in his/her power in order for his/her project to be granted with as many favours as possible by convincing, impressing, corrupting or sleeping with a member of the Committee of Experts. While the Committee of Experts of a certain Institution is evaluating the delivered Request for Funding, the artist can still send an application to another Institution.


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[0.2.2.] Multiball
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[] Upper Left Spot Target
[] Left Up-kicker
[] Drop Targets
[] Spinner
[] Upper Right Spot Target
[] Central Moving Target
[] Right Up-kicker
[] Hole kicker
[] Right side rollover lane
[] Centre spot target
[] Lower left Vari-target
[] Right Ramp
[] Lower left spot target
[] Bottom right spot target
[] Plunger skill shot
[] Kicking rubbers
[] Left return rollover
[] Right return rollover
[] Left outline
[] Right outline
[] Outhole
[] Flippers