The Post Office (arrow) and the Award icon (spot).

The 5 members of the Jury.
0.2.1. Applications
. Award

- If the icon Award in front of the Right Ramp is lit, the artist must run to the Post Office to pick up the recorded-delivery letter. Wonderful! He/she got nominated for an Award!! This is certainly an achievement but doesn't mean he/she will get the prize.

- Awards are often a matter of promiscuous interests and favoritisms therefore the nominated artist would better start lobbying with the 5 members of the jury to make sure he/she will get the prize. He/she has 30 seconds to succeed in this direction.

- The 5 members are at the Vari-Target, Spinner, Right Rollover Lane, Right Ramp, and at the Central Moving Target. If the artist gets in touch with all 5 members of the jury he/she will definitely get the Award worth 100 Million!!


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[0.1] The Game
[0.2] Rules
[0.3] Where?
[0.4] Playfield
[0.5] Credits
[0.6] Photos
[0.6] Press

[0.2.2.] Multiball
[0.2.3.] Multimode
[0.2.4.] Other features
[0.2.5.] Production Facility
[0.2.6.] Hidden Features
[0.2.7.] Fund Rising Features

[] Upper Left Spot Target
[] Left Up-kicker
[] Drop Targets
[] Spinner
[] Upper Right Spot Target
[] Central Moving Target
[] Right Up-kicker
[] Hole kicker
[] Right side rollover lane
[] Centre spot target
[] Lower left Vari-target
[] Right Ramp
[] Lower left spot target
[] Bottom right spot target
[] Plunger skill shot
[] Kicking rubbers
[] Left return rollover
[] Right return rollover
[] Left outline
[] Right outline
[] Outhole
[] Flippers