The Central Moving Target (arrow) and the Company Called icon (spot).

0.2.7. Fund Rising Features
. Central Moving Target

- If the applicant wants to approach sponsors he/she has to contact a private company first. By shooting the Central Moving Target the applicant calls a company to fix an appointment with its Marketing Director (the Company Called icon in front of the right ramp starts flashing). Before the meeting the applicant must send the material related with his/her project from the Post Office (the Right Ramp), as promised during the telephone call. Once the applicant has done so, the Marketing Director of the company contacted receives him/her. The meeting is a frenetic 3-ball situation during which the applicant tries to convince the Marketing Director upon how prestigious it would be for, his company to sponsor cultural activities.

- By getting the central moving target, the applicant obtains a 20 Million sponsorship (if the Sponsor icon is flashing) or a 100 Million General sponsor if the related icon is flashing.

- Obtaining sponsorship lights the Sponsor icon in the List of Production Achievements.

- If during the evaluation of the Municipality application the applicant shoots the Central Moving Target, he/she is awarded with a Production Facility and lights the Special icon for the Bottom Right Spot Target.

- One of the most annoying things an artist must do is to Report on Funds Previously Received. This administrative matter always comes at the most inappropriate time right when the production activity is most intense. Nevertheless, giving a correct Financial Report is advantageous because it gives the applicant a lot of Credibility (8 Credibility if the applicant gets the Central Moving Target while the Report icon is flashing) plus a Production Facility.

- Moreover, doing this correctly lights Good Administration in the List of Production Achievements.

- The Central Moving Target also gives 2 or 3 Credibility if 2 Credibility or 3 Credibility icons lit solid.


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