The Right Return Rollover (arrow), and the Place of Presentation icon (spot).

The Good Vibes and the Financial Construction icon (spot).

The Perseverance icon.

0.2.7. Fund Rising Features
. Right return rollover

- The Place of Presentation should be known in advance if the applicant intends to apply for an International Fund. He/she must make an agreement with a foreign institution in order to present his/her work at their venue. The Right Return Rollover allows the applicant to obtain a declaration from a foreign institution regarding the Place of Presentation if the related icon is lit or flashing.

- Knowing in advance the Place of Presentation gives the applicant 1x Credibility as well as Good Vibes (the Good Vibes icon starts flashing) if also the Financial Construction icon has already been successfully drafted.

- Obtaining such results is undoubtedly a sign of determination therefore the icon of Perseverance (Vary-Target) starts flashing.


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