The Drop Targets (arrow) and the Invitation icon (spot).

Contribution targets (arrow) and icon (spot).
0.2.7. Fund Rising Features
. Drop Targets

- One of the necessary documents the applicant must attach to his/her application for co-funding at the Ministry of Culture is a letter of invitation by a Cultural Institution (collect the Invitations icon if it is lit or flashing). The applicant can obtain this document by approaching one or more of the five Cultural Institutions listed below:

- Gallery
- Cultural Centre
- Museum
- Festival
- Biennial

- Each invitation gives 1x Credibility more.

- If the applicant manages to obtain invitations from all 5 institutions he/she advances from Category C to B. For an artist of A Category the production conditions are certainly easier finding a lot of doors already opened.

- When an artist of A Category obtains all 5 invitations he/she gets a Contribution and 1 Production Facility.

- The applicant can progressively gather contributions by constantly obtaining invitations from all 5 institutions. The sequence goes 5, 10, and 20 Million.

- Moreover, the icon of Contribution will be lit in the List of Production Achievements.

- During the evaluation of the application at the Ministry of Culture the applicant must try to impress the Committee of Experts by shooting the Central Drop Target as many times as possible. The sequence is Extra Ball, 50, 100 and 300 million.


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[0.2.7.] Fund Rising Features

[] Upper Left Spot Target
[] Left Up-kicker
[] Drop Targets
[] Spinner
[] Upper Right Spot Target
[] Central Moving Target
[] Right Up-kicker
[] Hole kicker
[] Right side rollover lane
[] Centre spot target
[] Lower left Vari-target
[] Right Ramp
[] Lower left spot target
[] Bottom right spot target
[] Plunger skill shot
[] Kicking rubbers
[] Left return rollover
[] Right return rollover
[] Left outline
[] Right outline
[] Outhole
[] Flippers