The Post Office (arrow) and the Send Material! icon (spot).

The Lobbying icon (spot).

The Draft Report icon (spot).

0.2.7. Fund Rising Features
. Right Ramp

- The Post Office (Right Ramp) is where the applicant must go in order to send materials for a funding application if the icon Send Materials! is flashing. The application is ready to be sent if the applicant has collected all the necessary documents and the related icon in front of the Right Ramp is flashing. If a Private Company was previously contacted via phone (the Company Called icon is flashing) the applicant can send his/her representative material to the company's Marketing Director from the Post Office.

- No chance the applicant would ever make it at the Municipality without taking advantage of his/her social connections. In order to succeed the applicant has to shoot the ramp while the Lobbying icon is lit or flashing.

- It seems unbelievable, but also lobbying gives 1x Credibility!

- The applicant drafts the Report for Funding Previously Received (he/she starts the Report icon flashing) by shooting the Right Ramp while the Draft Report icon is lit or while the shooter lane Draft Report icon is flashing.

- If the artist has ever paid some services in black, because it was financially more convenient, and now cannot justify this expense, he/she now has the chance to do something about it during the meeting for sponsorship set up with a private company. If the Recycle Bills! icon starts flashing in the shooter lane, the artist has to lock all balls on the Right Ramp. In this case the Marketing Director of the company approached issues some fake bills in favour of the artist.

- If the applicant acts On All Fronts shooting the Right Ramp this gives him/her 100 Million.


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