The Right Side Rollover Lane (arrow) and the Press Clip icon (spot).

The Catalogue and the Portfolio icons.
0.2.7. Fund Rising Features
. Right side rollover lane

- The Right Side Rollover Lane collects the Press Clip if the related icon is lit or flashing. This is another necessary document the applicant needs to provide in order to apply for funds at the Ministry of Culture

- A good Press Clip gives the applicant 1x Credibility.

- If the Catalogue icon is flashing, the applicant picks the catalogue up and starts working on his/her Web Site.

- If the Portfolio icon is flashing, the applicant puts together his/her portfolio and start preparing for a Meeting.

- If the Concentration icon is lit, passing the Right Side Rollover Lane starts the icon flashing.


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[0.2.2.] Multiball
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[0.2.7.] Fund Rising Features

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