25 Oct 2022

Pre-event | WAM Sessions: From Commons to NFTs

A conversation about NFTs after the hype. What are the practical strategies pursued by digital artists active in the field? Where does real cultural innovation come from? What lessons can...
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Jonas Lund
Ruth Catlow
Felix Stalder
12 Nov 2022

Game-Changers: The Game

Game-Changers: The Game is a storytelling-driven board game and a game co-design springboard that engages players and “peerticipants” in generative discussions about post-capitalist strategies and the mutually conflicting discourses that...
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Felix Fritsch
Ela Kagel
Anja Blaj
Rok Kranjc
Pekko Koskinen
Gregor Žavcer
Filip Dobranić
12 Nov 2022

Zencode: How to Write Smart Contracts Using Natural Language

Zencode is a project inspired by the discourse on data commons and technological sovereignty. The established goal is that of improving people’s awareness of how their data is processed by...
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Puria Nafisi Azizi
Panel #1
12 Nov 2022

Crypto and the Commons

At a time when mainstream crypto culture is dominated by right-wing libertarianism, this panel seeks to explore how alternative crypto projects apply the concepts of radical, algorithmic and indigenous sovereignty...
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Shu Lea Cheang
Lee Tzu-Tung
Denis “Jaromil” Roio
Aude Launay
Panel #2
12 Nov 2022

Ownership and Desire

A peer-2-peer world without hierarchies, global unmediated connectivity, equal democratic participation across differences; claims of revolutionary potential have surrounded internet technologies from very early on, with blockchain technology being the...
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Felix Stalder
Martin Zeilinger
Jaya Klara Brekke
Inte Gloerich
Panel #3
12 Nov 2022

After the Bubble: NFTs as a long-term artistic medium?

Over the last year, NFTs came to prominence mainly as a means of applying artificial scarcity and value to digital assets, and facilitating a highly speculative market of digital art...
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Vuk Ćosić
Michelle Kasprzak
María Paula Fernández
Domenico Quaranta
Cornelia Sollfrank