Tactics & Practice is a series of conferences and seminars that Aksioma started in 2010, with 9 editions up to 2020. The series aims to refresh and expand the new media arts educational offering in Slovenia, providing useful tools and insights into the field for creators at various stages in their careers. Often accompanied by an exhibition exploring similar topics, each event investigates a set of issues with a flexible format, which may include lectures, conversations, round tables, performances, and workshops in different arrangements. While the pilot event was broader in scope, compiling a snapshot of the state of new media art from different angles, the ones that followed went from questioning the very definition of “new media art” (Tactics & Practice #2 – Beyond New Media Art, 2014) to analysing the tension between art, social networking, political activism, and business logics through a network of multiple, distributed, playful and disruptive practices (Tactics & Practice #3 – Networked Disruption, 2015); from discussing the delicate and often awkward role of art and imagination in the age of mass surveillance (Tactics&Practice #4 – The Black Chamber, 2016), to exploring modes of intervention that cannot be reduced to individual or collective identities (Tactics & Practice #5 – Proper and Improper Names, 2017).

Furthermore, Tactics & Practice #6 – Transnationalisms (2018), focused on alternative models and protocols of citizenship, identity and nationhood as they are prototyped, tested and distributed by artists, designers and researchers to overcome borders; and the following Tactics & Practice #7 – Critical Engineering (2019) took the Critical Engineering Manifesto (2011) as a starting point to explore how critical media art can exploit engineering to intervene in the world and raise awareness about how “written code expands into social and psychological realms”.

The year 2020 saw two editions focussing on topics that Aksioma has been investigating in recent years: automation and the digital economy. Tactics & Practice #8 – Automate All the Things! explored crucial contradictions implicit in the increasing automation of work while Tactics & Practice #9 – MoneyLab brought together a network of artists, activists and geeks to discuss forms of financial democratisation and the design of our financial futures.

The tenth edition, Tactics & Practice #10: (re)programming (2021), sought to “reprogramme” the collective mindset in response to the climate and social crises by exploring tools and visions from different fields in a series of moderated conversations with global thinkers. Tactics & Practice #11: MemesteticA (2021) looked at memes and internet cultures in the first major attempt to condense events by linking the series of talks to other events on the topic.

Seen in retrospect, Tactics & Practice becomes a faithful mirror and an anthology of the topics that have animated the debates in digital culture and media arts along the last decade.

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