Founded in 1999 as a collective, RYBN.ORG develops extra-disciplinary investigations, that explore the complex relationships between technologies and economics. RYBN.ORG investigates highly complex sociopolitical and technical phenomena, in order to minutely dissect them, such as high-frequency trading, subsecond market infrastructures, cybernetic eschatology, offshore finance discrete networks, the resurgence of the human computer in digital labour, the extent of industrial property to the living, etc. Each new investigation adds a landmark and clears the opaque territories of contemporary techno-capitalism. RYBN.ORG artworks are operative and performative systems, usually shown outside the white cubes of contemporary art, evolving in environments where they can wave effects and create feedback loops, such as financial markets, micro-working platforms, communication and social networks, computer viruses.

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Tax Havens: Normalized Grand Theft

15 Jun 2020
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