Stream #1
11 May 2020

Critical Finance Strategies, Three Months into the Corona Crisis

KEYWORDS: collapsology, global finance, logistics, corona crisis, post-Pandemic, digital currencies, Universal Basic Income, helicopter money, ban on cash, cashless society
Brett Scott
Geert Lovink
Stream #2
18 May 2020

Beyond Solutionism in a Post-COVID-19 World

The current crisis, with governments begging tech companies for help, has highlighted the immense appeal of the ideology of technological solutionism. But what is its politics? And how does it...
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Evgeny Morozov
Lenart J. Kučić
Stream #3
25 May 2020

Data Sovereignty and Proximity Tracing

In his conversation with Domen Savič (Citizen D), Denis ‘Jaromil’ Roio emphasised that technology is only a means – we have to talk about problems and solutions. In building applications,...
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Denis ‘Jaromil’ Roio
Domen Savič
Stream #4
01 Jun 2020

Care: Solidarity is Disobedience

KEYWORDS: pirate care, self-organising, healthcare makerspaces, new models of social economy, feminist economics department, greek solidarity campaign, accountability model, community-based cryptocurrencies
Davor Mišković
Tomislav Medak
Maddalena Fragnito
Cassie Thornton
Stream #5
08 Jun 2020

Housing: Hacking the Crisis of Home

KEYWORDS: housing crisis, housing policy, re-thinking homeownership, community-based housing, community currency, gentrification, airbnb, platform capitalism, financialisation, data journalism, regulation
Klemen Ploštajner
Lenart J. Kučić
DOMA.CITY (Maksym Rokmaniko)
Forms of Ownership (Vienne Chan)
DOMA.CITY (Francesco Sebregondi)
Stream #6
15 Jun 2020

Tax Havens: Normalized Grand Theft

KEYWORDS: panama papers, dark side of global finance, tax havens, tax evasion, tax avoidance schemes, transnational crime, offshore financial centers, national budget, corruption
Anuška Delić
Demystification Committee
Stream #7
22 Jun 2020

Blockchain: Radicalising the Social Imagination

KEYWORDS: beyond the critique, alternative uses, reimagination of value, artistic responses, unownable digital artefacts, dis-owning the blockchain, resisting artificial scarcity
Inte Gloerich
Martin Zeilinger
Max Haiven
Jaya Klara Brekke
Stream #8
29 Jun 2020

Value extraction and the workforce of the cryptocene

KEYWORDS: Cryptocene, Marxism-inspired cryptocurrency, attention economy, laziness, passive income, productivity, work value, digital workforce, information economy
Aude Launay
Sašo Sedlaček
Martín Nadal
César Escudero Andaluz