A play for two

Written and directed by: Neven Korda

Duša Počkaj Hall
Cultural and Congress Centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenja
October 17-21, 2006

Photo: Miha Fras

A media performance of dance and experimental theater

In necessity ends choice, in slavery pleasure. In choice ends necessity, in pleasure slavery. In necessity begins choice, in slavery pleasure. In choice begins necessity, in pleasure slavery.
In the beginning, there was a series of three performances which dealt with the actor's body as a sonic and visual image on a certain Path of nothingness. In Read Me Forward (2002/03) body and work are in a kind of vacuum space, completely un-related to self and the environment and at the same time fully immersed in the environment and self. In Letters from the Present (2004) the same body and work are confined within themselves in an obsessive action, which is cruelly placed into an altogether empty space without any other image carriers. In TWO (2005), motion is radically stopped, while circling is possible by communicating through eye-contact with the public. This particular "Path of nothingness" is the structural foundation of all image carriers in YYY.

"In his performances, Neven Korda transposes the concept of choreography from the classic paradigm of body and space into digital form, and converts a reconfigured and manipulated image of a live event into a technological one in real time." (Rok Vevar)

The performance deals with comprehensive representations of motion, space, light, colour and sound, their carriers of meaning subject to a free exchange of places which present to the viewers the states of truthfulness of media manipulated reality. Who actually carries a certain meaning? The performance sustains a parasitic relationship with the fact that a live transmission of an event is manipulated, just as any conversion into digital form. The occurrence of spaces and bodies continuously fluctuates between physical and technological presence, opening questions regarding the proceedings of current (global and local) technological and media power.

YYY is a performance of the sensual, analogue, experienced in front of the viewer and digitally processed. Passing away seen as a decelerated stream of time.

YYY focuses on ever-present subjects with an uncritical distance. The meaning of existence and consciousness of the environment in which we are invariably situated. What is survival? What is civilization? What is truth and what is reality?

YYY is a full-length experimental dance theater performance, which portrays the states of reality in multi-layered theater actuality.

- live act - simultaneous transmission on screens and speakers - computer manipulation of flowing data - manipulation of time

In the play, the truthfulness of media manipulated reality is based on a passionate and outstandingly performed act in front of an audience.

Husband and wife. Mother and someone. Father and daughter. A Slavic father and his daughter ... they are here again, just before disappearing from the event horizon. And again now, and again here. They think of acting, of play. Of accustoming oneself. Of enjoyment. The contact. Between two bodies. Bodily contact. The actors are placed in unbearable proximity, the scene functions as an absolute, the elements are congealed into an absolute temporal image. The motion is real. It is an independent pleasure as well as an object in the creation of a spectacle.

A play for two

Written and directed by: Neven Korda
Choreography and performance: Igor Sviderski, Rosana Hribar
Music and sound: Aldo Ivančić
Assistant director, lighting designer: Borut Bučinel
Costumes and make-up: Meta Megušar Bizjan and Irena Tozon Mrhar - One Fiction Factory
Make-up assistant: Sara Selan
Sound manipulation: Aljoša Rot
Video manipulation: Borut Kumperščak, Slavko Glamočanin
Camera director: Jernej Černalogar
Vocal inserts, narration and dialogues: Irena Tomažin, Boštjan Gombač

Footage from the following performances is used: BMZN (2002 - 2003) actor Maruša Oblak, dancer Sebastjan Starič, narration and violin Srečko Meh; Letters from the Present (2004) dancer Živa Repovž; TWO (2005) performers Rosana Hribar and Igor Sviderski, sound Luka Prinčič and Aljoša Rot; Seed of Corruption (2004) voice Damjana Grašič and Renata Vidič; Burn Out evenings (2005 - 2006) by Bast collective and guests.

Graphic design: Lijana Veličković
Special thanks: Luka Prinčič, Borut Savski, Brane Ždralo, Marko Kovačič, Elastik

Executive producer: Marcela Okretič
Translation: Jeremi Slak
Proofreading: Jana Renee Wilcoxen

Co-production: Cankarjev dom, SCCA-Ljubljana, Zavod K6/4, Zavod Zank

  Production: Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana

The project is supported by: The Ministry of Culture RS, the City of Ljubljana

Media sponsor: Radio Študent
Sponsors: Velana, Mac & PC