28/02/2024 16:00 - 18:00

Dreams and Disruptions: Machine Unlearning for Artists

ALUO, Tobačna 5, Ljubljana

Dreams and Disruptions: Machine Unlearning for Artists is a comprehensive workshop tailored to artists seeking practical insights into the world of artificial intelligence. Grounded in the fundamentals of AI systems, it provides a hands-on approach to hacking these systems, offering a pragmatic understanding for everyday artistic endeavours involving AI. Hacking AI systems allows artists to challenge the conventions of technology, provoking thought and sparking conversations about the ethical, cultural and societal implications of AI. By understanding, experimenting and innovating with AI, artists can amplify their creative voices, leading to a new era of artistic exploration and expression.


Participants will:
– develop a clear understanding of the components that constitute AI systems, which will enable you to participate in discussions and decision-making in artistic projects involving AI;
– acquire practical skills to hack AI systems effectively, allowing for creative modifications and adaptations in artistic endeavours;
– create art that is not only innovative but also ethically responsible and learn to respect the boundaries of privacy, consent and legality when working with AI technologies;
– acquire collaborative skills that foster teamwork by working on group projects, learning from peers and collectively solving challenges related to AI hacking in art.

2 h

Materials and knowledge required:
smartphone, laptop