The 15th edition of Tactics&Practice explores how the ambiguous quality of data can be used as a tool to produce real-world outcomes. Can the act of purposely creating data provide agency within data-driven systems? Is it possible to manipulate data to create specific effects?

27 February 2024


Katedrala hall / Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Alexandre Puttick, Cornelia Sollfrank, Felix Stalder, Gloria Gammer, Marta Peirano, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Neja Berger, Simon Weckert
(Un)real Data – Real Effects



Kamera (foyer) / Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Exhibition opening
Simon Weckert
Google Maps Hacks



Komuna hall / Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Live game show
Sebastian Schmieg
Prompt Battle



Lower foyer / Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Live DJ set

Node #1
26 February–22 March 2024


Simon Weckert


The Republic of Null Island
Opening: 26 February, 19:00
26 February–22 March 2024
Aksioma | Project Space


The Map Becomes the Territory – Street 3.0
28 February 2024, 15:00-16:00
(artist talk)


Dreams and Disruptions: Machine Unlearning for Artists
28 February 2024, 16:00-18:00

Node #2
2–26 April 2024


Selena Savić, Gordan Savičić & !Mediengruppe Bitnik


⭐ 1 Star Workshop
2 April 2024, 15:00-18:00


Ratings Suck!!! How Did We Even Get to This Point????
3 April 2024, 19:00
Aksioma | Project Space
(artist talk)


One Star Review Tour
Opening: 3 April 2024, 19:00
3–26 April 2024
Aksioma | Project Space

Node #3
15 May–14 June 2024


Valentina Tanni


Internet Aesthetics: A Journey Beyond the Threshold
15 May 2024, 15:00-16:00


Total Refusal


Open-ended Stories
15 May 2024, 16:00-18:00


Opening: 15 May at 19:00
15 May–14 June 2024
Aksioma | Project Space



Valentina Tanni & Total Refusal


Let’s play: Brexit Reality
16 May 2024, 19:00-20:00
Slovenska kinoteka
(let’s play)

(Un)real Data – Real Effects is a programme by !Mediengruppe Bitnik that is based on their research project Latent Spaces: Performing Ambiguous Data at the Zürich University of the Arts and curated in cooperation with Aksioma. The conference is developed in collaboration with Felix Stalder and with the generous curatorial advice of the Latent Spaces research group.