U30+ is an annual open call by Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, to support new productions by young Slovenian artists under 35.

Established in 2013, this program aims to intervene in the gap between school years and the professional world, and to investigate emerging trends, topics, languages and formats within the panorama of the Slovenian contemporary art. The beneficiaries are followed by a team of professionals during the research and development of their initial proposals, all the way through the production and presentation of the final work in a gallery (or public) space often in form of a solo exhibition.

  • Loading Suns

  • Swarm Entry

  • Sweet Protocols

  • Critical Hit

  • Welcome

  • Wish

  • “Hi, where are you now?”

  • TOP

  • Seen

  • Furniture Pets

  • (◉_◉)

  • Squat

  • Rule 34

  • Wet Dreams

  • Red Web

    In the framework of 22th International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Womem
  • Googlespace

    In the framework the festival Lighting Guerrila: In the Dark
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