U30+ is an annual call for proposals for artists under 35, an initiative by Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, to support new productions by young Slovenian artists. Established in 2013, this initiative aims to intervene in the gap existing between the school years and the art world, the younger generations and established artists, and to bring to visibility emerging trends in Slovenian contemporary art.
Aksioma offers to selected artists a mentorship with local and/or international experts and the opportunity to work with a professional and high profile production team that will follow the development of their initial proposal throughout all the production phases and aspects. Aksioma also provides selected artists with a production budget, an author fee, a proper space or context in which to present the result of their work to the public, technical equipment and support, promotion, photo and/or video documentation, clipping service, and the opportunity to further present their work through its national and international network of partners.

Since 2013, the artists selected through the U30+ call of proposals have not only been offered a solo exhibition (often at Aksioma Project Space in Ljubljana), but have also been presented in solo and group exhibitions and festivals in other Slovenian and international institutions, including: the Center for Urban Culture Kino Šiška, MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts and Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana, Pixxelpoint Festival and Tir Gallery/Mostovna in Nova Gorica, Simulaker Gallery and Fotopub Festival in Novo Mesto, Delavski Dom Trbovlje, Zoom Festival and Filodrammatica Gallery in Rijeka, and VN Gallery in Zagreb.

In January 2018, a selection of artists produced through the U30+ programme was presented in a group exhibition at UGM Studio, Maribor. Featuring Nika Ham, Emil Kozole, Iza Pavlina, Dorotea Škrabo, Valerie Wolf Gang and curated by Jure Kirbiš, Hi, can you hear me alright? was a generational exhibition focused on mediated communication among digital natives, and the first attempt to outline an emerging trend in the young Slovenian “post digital” art scene.

The U30+ programme is open to artists from all fields and working with any language and medium, ranging from multimedia installation to performance, from online intervention to artist’s books, from paintings to videos; and interested in exploring the topics at the core of Aksioma’s mission, focused on works addressing the social, political, aesthetic and ethical structures of contemporary, post-digital society.

  • “Hi, where are you now?”

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  • Wet Dreams

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    In the framework of 22th International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Womem
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    In the framework the festival Lighting Guerrila: In the Dark
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