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  • Aesthetic Body

    Uroš Korenčan

    Excerpts from Maska, Magazine for scenic arts

    Num. 3, 1999, page 87, 89

  • Ron’s Story

    Marina Grzinic

    Slovenian video works seen through international video productions and vice versa

    Zero Visibility (of the reverse order), catalogue of the exhibition

    Edited by Valentina Valentini

    Maska, Ljubljana 2003

  • ID:00000000 / Our People

    Rodrigo Alonso

    the First International Biennial of Buenos Aires, Argentina

    catalogue of the exhibition

  • ID:00000000 / Our People

    Jurij V. Krpan

    BOUND/LESS BORDERS, catalogue of the exhibition
    Goethe Institute Inter Nationes Belgrade, Belgrade 2002
    Janez Janša resides in the depth of the physical and the surface of a digital representation of the body. In his recent work he themes the video-body in the same way as we treat the data one. If our data body in data spaces is submitted to identical complications as our body in physical space, and we need to make our data body conscious with the same attention as the physical one, Janša (...)

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  • Workshops series: Critical Triggers

    From 15 to 16 January 2019

    Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana
    Roška 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia


    Workshop #1
    TUE, 15 January 2019, 10 am – 1 pm

    Workshop #2
    BoT | BITCOIN OF THINGS by César Escudero and Martín Nadal
    WED, 16 January 2019, 10 am – 1 pm


    Free of charge.
    No prior experience is necessary.


    DEADLINE: 10 January 2019, midnight

  • César Escudero Andaluz - Critical Triggers

    From 16 January 2019 to 15 February 2019

    Solo exhibition

    Exhibition opening: WED, 16 January 2019 at 7 pm

    Aksioma Project Space
    Komenskega 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia