Tactics & Practice is a series of seminars Aksioma started in 2010, with 5 editions up to 2017. The series aims to refresh and expand the new media arts educational offering in Slovenia, providing useful tools and insights into the field for creators at various stages in their careers. Often accompanied by an exhibition exploring similar topics and involving some of the same main characters, each event investigates a set of issues with a flexible format, that may include lectures, performances, conversations and round tables, in different arrangements. While the pilot event was broader in scope, compiling a snapshot of the state of new media art from different angles, the ones that followed went from questioning the very definition of New Media Art (Tactics&Practice #2 - Beyond New Media Art, 2014) to analyzing the tension between art, social networking, political activism, and business logics, through a network of multiple, distributed, playful and disruptive practices (Tactics&Practice #3 - Networked Disruption); from discussing the delicate and often awkward role of art and imagination in the age of mass surveillance (Tactics&Practice #4 - The Black Chamber, 2016), to exploring modes of intervention that cannot be reduced to individual or collective identities (Tactics&Practice #5 - Proper and improper names, 2017).

  Tactics&Practice #7

WITH: Sarah Grant, Joana Moll, Julian Oliver, Gordan Savičić, Bengt Sjölén, Danja Vasiliev

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
March 26 – 27, 2019

How can critical media art exploit engineering to intervene in the world and raise awareness about the way written code expands into the social and political realms? We found the starting point to explore this question in the Critical Engineering Manifesto written in 2011 by Julian Oliver, Gordan Savičić and Danja Vasiliev, a group of artists and engineers that now includes Sarah Grant, Joana Moll and Bengt Sjölén. Nearly ten years later, its relevance is even more evident, as an ever-growing public becomes aware of the techno-political implications of using – and depending upon – integrated systems and complex, networked technologies. Tactics&Practice #7 – Critical Engineering will gather all the members of the Critical Engineering Working Group in one place and use their statements and projects as case studies to analyse the transformative potential of new media artistic practice.

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  Tactics&Practice #6

Curated by James Bridle
WITH: James Bridle, Marco Ferrari, Denis Maksimov, Mojca Pajnik, Eleanor Saitta, The Peng! Collective

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
April 24 – 25, 2018

Tolerance against fundamentalism, transparency against opacity, globalization against nationalism and balkanization: these are just some of the contradictions and paradoxes of contemporary society. And it is at borders that they manifest more explicitly: the borders between nation states, and between the physical and digital, which demarcate different zones of possibility and expression. Transnationalisms acknowledges and even celebrates these contradictions, while insisting on the transformative possibilities of digital tools and networks on historical forms of nationalism, citizenship, and rights. Transnationalisms explores alternative models and protocols of citizenship, identity, and nationhood as they are prototyped, tested and distributed by artists, designers and researchers.



  Tactics&Practice #5
Proper and Improper Names - Identity in the Information Society

Curated by Marco Deseriis
WITH: Natalie Bookchin, Marco Deseriis, Kristin Sue Lucas, Gerald Raunig, Ryan Trecartin, Wu Ming

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
October 17 – 18, 2017

What aesthetic and political strategies may counter the quest for collecting data and measuring and predicting human behaviour, characteristic of informational capitalism? This conference addresses this question by bringing together theorists, artists, writers, and performers who have forged concepts, aesthetic codes, and authoring strategies that tend to escape measurement and attribution. Continuing Aksioma’s long-running investigation into the problems of identity and authorship in the age of networks, Proper and Improper Names explores modes of intervention that cannot be reduced to individual or collective identities. Rather, in shuttling between the I and the We, as well as the multiple dimensions of the self, these experiments exceed state and market attempts at measuring and producing the subject as a stable political, biological, and epistemological unit.



  Tactics&Practice #4
The Black Chamber - surveillance, paranoia, invisibility & the internet

Curated by Eva & Franco Mattes and Bani Brusadin
WITH: Marko Peljhan, Simona Levi, Evan Roth, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, and Zach Blas

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
March 9 – 10, 2016

How did the internet go from the utopian free-for-all, open source heaven, libertarian last frontier to the current state of permanent surveillance, exhibitionism and paranoia? This duplicity is the underlying thread that links the artists, activists, and researchers who will participate in The Black Chamber1, an exhibition, a symposium, and an urban intervention curated by The Influencers (ES), produced by Aksioma (SI) in partnership with Drugo More (HR) and hosted, respectively, by Galerija Škuc and Kino Šiška in Ljubljana. Developed through ongoing research on these subjects by internationally renown artist duo Eva & Franco Mattes and researcher and curator Bani Brusadin, The Black Chamber aims at discussing the delicate and often awkward role of art and imagination in the age of mass surveillance, stressing the multiple connections between post-studio art and independent research, grassroots reverse engineering, and new forms of political activism in the age of networks.



  Tactics&Practice #3
Networked Disruption - Rethinking Oppositions in Art, Hacktivism and Business

Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli
WITH: Annie Machon, Bani Brusadin, Baruch Gottlieb, Dmytri Kleiner, Florian Cramer, Ida Hiršenfelder, Janez Janša, John Law, Loretta Borrelli, Luther Blissett, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Vittore Baroni, Vuk Ćosić

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
March 11 – 12, 2015

Drawing upon Tatiana Bazzichelli’s book Networked Disruption: Rethinking Oppositions in Art, Hacktivism and the Business of Social Networking (DARC Press, Aarhus University, 2013), this seminar proposes both to expose and to dissipate the tension between art, social networking, political activism, and business logics, through a network of multiple, distributed, playful and disruptive practices.



  Tactics&Practice #2
Beyond New Media Art

Curated by Domenico Quaranta
WITH: Domenico Quaranta, Heath Bunting, Vuk Ćosić

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
April 22 – 23, 2014

What is New Media Art? What does this term really describe? What has occasioned the schism between this term and the art scene it is supposed to describe? And lastly, what can explain the limited presence of this artistic practice – which appears to have all the credentials for representing an era in which digital media are powerfully reshaping the political, economic, social and cultural organisation of the world we live in – in critical debates?



  Tactics&Practice #1
Tactics and Practice: New Media Drivers

Curated by Janez Janša
WITH: Alessandro Ludovico, Cirkulacija 2, Dan Wilcox, Daniel Fabry, Domenico Quaranta, Dunja Kukovec, hans w. koch, Janez Janša, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Jurij Krpan, Luka Frelih, Marco Deseriis, Norimichi Hirakawa, Seppo Gründler, Simona Lodi, Simge Esin, Srečo Dragan, Sunčica Ostoić, Tarek Atoui, Vuk Ćosić

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
June 1 – 5, 2010





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