We are delighted to be back with a new streaming event. This time the starting point for the talk is a comic about artificial intelligence titled We Need to Talk, AI, born from the collaboration between the comic essayist Dr. Julia Schneider and the graphic designer and visual artist Lena Ziyal.

The comic was published in 2019 under a Creative Commons license and is available for free download at the project website. In July 2020 Aksioma, together with the Youth and Cultural Center in Maribor, published the Slovenian translation in the framework of konSPlatform for Contemporary Investigative Art with the idea of distributing it as a free educational material in schools and libraries throughout Slovenia. A small batch of printed copies was already distributed but stay tuned and don’t miss the second one. The comic essay is also available as a free PDF and you can get it HERE.

In a conversation with Nika Mahnič, the author Dr. Julia Schneider will take us through a number of issues covered in the comic essay and other AI-related topics.

How do we make computer science more attentive to the issue of minorities and the poor? Are some institutions better left undigitized? Is banning certain technologies a necessary solution, or is it just feeding our paranoia? On a free market, is that even possible? Should we renew our conceptions of privacy? Join the streaming and listen to some interesting takes on artificial intelligence and the dilemmas posed by its rapid rise.

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