(re)programming: Infrastructure
An Alternative Earth

A conversation with Benjamin Bratton
Conducted and curated by Marta Peirano

MON, 15 March 2021 at 7 pm (CET)

For (re)programming Strategies for Self-Renewal, a festival of conversations conceived by Marta Peirano for Tactics & Practice.

We are in a hurry; even 2030 might be too late. We need to fundamentally transform our cities, technologies and ecosystems to ensure our planet keeps supporting earth-like life. But what does that look like? Our apocalyptic, post-colonial fantasies obscure our vision. We dream of thriving under the impossible conditions of distant planets but fail to imagine establishing better ones on earth. In The Stack, Benjamin Bratton envisioned a model for a planetary scale computation, then used it as a tool for a new planetary redesign project, the Terraforming – not of Mars but of Earth. We will discuss the technical, social and political infrastructures that are required for such a project. “A task of preventing one future,” he writes, “so that another might, with luck, instead come to pass”.

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