The Proposal is a thriller, a lopsided romance and a documentary that investigates copyright law and in particular the fate of cultural works that fall into private ownership and become commodities. 

In her film, artist Jill Magid interrogates the oversight of creators’ legacies through the case of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, whose professional archive was purchased by a Swiss furniture company after his death. The foundation established to oversee his papers controls the rights to the architect’s work, including the rights to any photographs of his buildings. After long epistolary exchanges with the owner of the archives, Magid will propose a deal to her: free the archives in exchange for a diamond ring grown from the ashes of Barragán.  

Though unconventional, the offer raises a number of important questions: What is capitalism’s relationship to art and legacy? Who or what is the law protecting when it allows for the privatisation of culture? How can art be a methodology through which challenging issues are dissected? 

On 11 January 2021, Jill Magid will participate in a streaming conversation with blogger Régine Debatty and with the public. The event will feature exclusive clips from the documentary.

Special guests: Alenka Pirman, Maja Bogataj Jančič, Matevž Čelik

The Proposal
A film by Jill Magid

Video on Demand (Slovenia only)
8–15 January 2021

Ticket: 3 €

*Language: English with Slovenian subtitles

The streaming event is realized within the cycle of screening events Akcija!, in which Aksioma, since 2012, premiers in Slovenia the documentary movies that are strongly related to its overall program.

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