Marko Batista
Sonic Geometry of Space


Aksioma | Project Space
Komenskega 18, Ljubljana

16 November – 9 December 2016
Opening hours: TUE-FRI 12 pm – 6 pm

Exhibition opening: Wednesday, 16 November 2016 at 7 pm



In his works, Ljubljana-based intermedia artist Marko Batista analytically thematises DIY electro-acoustic processes at the intersection of electronic sound, technology and contemporary art. On display in Aksioma is his exhibition Sonic Geometry of Space, conceived as a prototype of a hyper-acoustic capsule. The ambient set-up designed by Marko stems from long-standing sound experiments, for his work is based on the exploration of dynamic self-generating systems and the phenomenology of sound resonances in space. He draws the phenomenality of sound from temporally determined processes within intermedia performing practices, and he attempts to design new modes of the distribution of acoustic resonances in space. The history of electro-acoustic art reveals the complex phenomenality of sound and the relations concerning the time and architecture in which it is located. Sound undulation can be perceived as a series of physical phenomena or as the non-material gestuality of the surrounding objectivity. The question that continues to arise is thus: is electro-acoustic art, in its essence, able to elude its meta-position of listening? Over the past few years, Marko’s site-specific installations have been presented in various galleries, and they offer their viewers a space of apperception and, at the same time, sensory perception. Spatial sound, which is characteristic of Marko’s work, is created by means of aesthetically designed modular interfaces and prototypical acoustic resonators, which were designed especially for the exhibition. The material for the exhibition derives from the inventions of the previous millennium; the show problematises the processes of the production of electro-acoustic artefacts and processuality. By means of sound objects created in the studio, the viewer is led to the questions of sound reality and phenomenality of the phenomenology of sound within contemporary art practices.


Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2016

Artistic Director: Janez Janša
Producer: Marcela Okretič
Executive Producer: Sonja Grdina
Public Relations: Urša Purkart
Technician: Valter Udovičić
Documentation: Jure Goršič

Supported by: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana

Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana


Marko Batista

Marko Batista is a Ljubljana based tech-mixed-media artist, sound researcher, video experimentalist and AV performer, born in Tito’s Yugoslavia. Batista focuses on themes such as displaced sound-scapes, video transformation processes, networking data, collaboration, linking concepts, hybrid spaces and other fields of contemporary media art. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and finished Master of Arts degree from Central Saint Martins in London. Marko Batista is a founding member of experimental multimedia group Klon:Art:Resistance. E participated at numerous festivals and exhibition spaces like 10. International Istanbul Bienale, Ars Electronica 2008, Cellsbutton#3 Jogjakarta, Zero Gallery/Transmediale Berlin, NetAudio Festival London, razstava Device Art Prague, Spajalica/MMSUM Rijeka, Temporary Objects and Hybrid Ambients at KGLU Slovenj Gradec.



Edited by Andreja Hribernik and Janez Janša

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ISBN: 978-1-312-68473-7