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Scale | Ep.#3: Russian Neocolonialism as Demonic Possession [w/ Anna Engelhardt & Mark Cinkevich]

Infrastructures of abnormous scale are the materialisation of neocolonialism. Megabridges, power plants, military bases are means of dispossession, invasion, extraction perpetrated by bigger countries upon smaller sovereign states. Media artists and interdisciplinary researchers Anna Engelhardt and Mark Cinkevich have developed a method called “applied demonology”, which combines CGI, mediaeval demonology and satellite investigation to interrogate the spectre of colonial violence. They have used this approach to shed light on the way Russia has possessed Ukraine, Belarus and Syria like a demon that parasites its host and always breaks its promises.

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Host: Neja Berger
Guest: Anna Engelhardt, Mark Cinkevich

Recording and editing: Neja Berger
Audio Mix: Staš Kramar
Music: Gašper Torkar

Scale podcast series

Curated by Janez Fakin Janša
Produced by Marcela Okretič
for Tactics&Practice#14: Scale

Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art
Ljubljana, 2023

Part of
konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art

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