Sašo Sedlaček – Supertrash

Petja Grafenauer, Luka Omladič


The catalogue of Sašo Sedlaček’s solo exhibition Supertrash hosted by the Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec in 2012 includes essays by Luka Omladič and Petja Grafenauer.
Waste is the key topic of the Slovenian artist oeuvre. Waste is the pure truth of production, which cannot be brushed aside; waste is the proletariat in the world of objects. This is why art that dares to reflect upon this issue simply must be activist and subversive, says Omladič.
Sedlaček deals with the rejected from our society in many ways: from the local overproduction of printed propaganda to the global circulation of waste, from the neglected beggars in our cities to the 38 million space wrecks circling the earth in fixed orbits. The interest of Sedlaček’s art lies in recycling, (re)use of the rejected, the improvement of the world and a warning to Western people. As Grafenauer points out, he tackles this matter with witty, creative and, above all, useful ideas.


Sašo Sedlaček – Supertrash
Texts: Petja Grafenauer, Luka Omladič
Language: English / Slovenian
Edited by: Petja Grafenauer
Publisher: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2011, and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška
Translation: Polona Petek
Proofreading: Eric Dean Scott, Nataša Simončič
Design: studiobotas
Printed by: Studio Print
Supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Municipality of Ljubljana and the Municipality of Slovenj Gradec
ISBN 978-961-92192-2-5
Published in the occasion of the exhibition Supertrash, curated by Jernej Kožar, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, Slovenj Gradec, 2011

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