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(re)programming | Ep. #6: The Cloud [w/ Joana Moll]

Everything is Not Connected

Joana Moll is a Barcelona/Berlin-based artist and researcher. Her work moves towards a crossover between art and investigative journalism with the aim to make public the hidden costs of techno-capitalism. Back in 2013, her research began with an epiphany: services like Google do not come for free, without environmental costs. As her research has proven since then, not only does the internet have a huge impact on ecosystems, but e-commerce services, browsers, dating apps and surveillance systems extract data and energy from unwitting users. What happens when we purchase an item on Amazon? Who owns the profile images posted on dating apps? How many trees are needed to absorb the amount of CO2 generated by the global visits to every second? Through the artistic outputs of her findings, Joana Moll transforms these revelations into tangible concepts fostering awareness in the collective consciousness of the footprint caused by our use of the Cloud.

Guests: Dušan Caf, director of the Digitas Institute for better digital accessibility; Luka Frelih, artist, programmer and hacker; Filip Muki Dobranić, hacker, philosopher, sociologist.

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Host: Marta Peirano
Guest: Joana Moll

Editing, Audio Mix and Music: Gašper Torkar

(re)programming podcast series

Produced by Janez Fakin Janša and Marcela Okretič
for Tactics&Practice #10: (re)programming

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Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art
Ljubljana, 2023

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