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(re)programming | Ep. #2: Infrastructure [w/ Benjamin Bratton]

An Alternative Earth

Benjamin Bratton is an American Philosopher of Technology, known for his work spanning social theory, computer science, design, AI, and for his writing on the geopolitical implications of what he terms “planetary scale computation”. In the conversation with Marta Peirano, he explores the main issues raised in The Terraforming and The New Normal, the speculative urbanism think tanks that have extensively explored alternative future trajectories for cities, considering them as planetary technologies.

To reorient and remobilise already existing technologies regimes and processes for purposes that are for the very long term and to preserve life on Earth, a renewed Copernican turn is necessary in theory and in practice: a technologically mediated departure from anthropocentric and individual perspectives.

Guests: Marko Bauer, translator, writer and editor; Miloš Kosec, architect and researcher; Miha Turšič, artist, designer and researcher. 

Watch this episode in video format > HERE
Read this conversation in book format > HERE

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Host: Marta Peirano
Guest: Benjamin Bratton

Editing, Audio Mix and Music: Gašper Torkar

(re)programming podcast series

Produced by Janez Fakin Janša and Marcela Okretič
for Tactics&Practice #10: (re)programming

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