Red Web

Olja Grubić and Živa Petrič
Olja Grubić & Živa Petrič
Red Web

10 – 13 October 2016

Aksioma | Project Space, Ljubljana

Part of U30+ production programme for supporting young artists

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Red Web is a digitalised performative installation of a sexual chatroom in which a female performer takes her female or male spectator through a test/experience intertwining the intimate and public space and through an interface addressing everything in between.

The focus of interest in this artwork is the intimate relation of the spectator as an active communicator to the performer upon entering one of the sex portals. It tackles the individual interaction of the performer with a visitor, challenging the limits of communication, levels of perception, intensification of fantasy – as a consequence of a new era of digital reality as a phantasm that blurs the boundary between the public and private spaces.

Red Webis a user’s experience of an individual’s intimate space which includes both the real and the fictional Other at the same time, as well as different performative strategies that generate and transform this relation. It is a fusion of digital communication into a performative situation that will be created in the interaction between the user’s desire and its (un)fulfilment; personal data are valuable goods… The limits of my interface are the limits of my world… You get what you click… Freedom is all around


Nada Žgank

Olja Grubić (1990) is a performer and visual artist of a younger generation. She graduated from Ljubljana’s Academy of Visual Arts in the conceptualisation of space. She investigates contemporary and engaged issues in different media such as performance, cabaret, video, installation. Her work reflects a broad spectrum of sensations and the social situation of today’s society. Recently Grubić has collaborated with a number of artists, including Bojan Jablanovec (Via Negativa), Janez Janša (Maska), Julia Bardsley, Ursula Martinez, Kate McIntosh and La Pocha Nostra.

Živa Petrič (1981) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in the conceptualisation of space in 2015. In her studies, her main interest of research were the relations between different media (space, movement, text), in particular the concept of physical limitations, intimate and collective freedom and the issue of identity. She also works in the field of theatre and film set design, and is the director of two short films, Omejenost razsežnosti and Fuck machine, which was nominated for an ESSL ART AWARD in 2013. Her last video project Sistem suicide (aka Eta Carinae), made in collaboration with the musician Kristjan Kropa and choreographer Kristina Aleksova, investigates the basic principles of the system and the functioning of contemporary society within the system through the question of the corporeal.


Authors: Olja Grubić & Živa Petrič

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2016

Društvo Mesto žensk

In the framework of:
22nd International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women

Mentors: Teja Reba, Andreja Kopač, Janez Janša
Madam: Kristina Aleksova
Bouncer: Franci Kokalj
Thanks: Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za kulturne dejavnosti

Supported by:
the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana

Aksioma’s programme is additionally supported by the Ministry of Public Administration as part of the public call for co-financing projects for the development and professionalisation of NGOs and volunteerism as well as by JSKD

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