dPAPd - The Displaced Problemarket.com Art-Problems Department
Frankfurt, Germany

Problemarket.com – the Problem Stock Exchange officially opened the Displaced Problemarket.com Art-Problems Department in Frankfurt. The company decided to do so within the frame of Manifesta 4, the European Biennale of Contemporary Art, which is an important international event in the field of contemporary art, already very problematic itself, and combining a huge number of contemporary artists, experiencing different problems of theory, production, exhibition and creation. The Management Board of Problemarket.com is sure that this is the perfect time and place for dPAPd to start its mission.

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The main tasks of dPAPd are:
  1. To organize the international free market of artistic and art-related problems.
  2. To monitor the stock exchange floor of artistic and art-related problems.
  3. To continuously co-operate with international institutions dealing with artistic and art related problems.
  4. To ensure and to secure the profit made from trading with these problems.
  5. To analyse the market for global and local needs for these problems in the future.
  6. To offer a legal structure for the international art-problems law, concerning trading with these problems and to influence local governments to adopt state laws in order to help companies trading with artistic problems to get their appropriate positions in the markets.
  7. To work on a global plan, an intelligent network of other newly-established centers, institutions and departments worldwide, dealing and trading with artistic and art-related problems.
dPAPd in Frankfurt is also going to function as a corporate nerve headquarters, documentation center and archives for transactions and financial initiatives, regarding trading and other business related operations concerning artistic and art-related problems. In that sense, the Management Board of the Problem Stock Exchange, together with its experts, concretely expects and anticipates that because of dPAPd’s successful operations, the trading of artistic and art-related problems this year will rise at least 15,7% from last year. With its market analyses the Marketing Sector of dPAPd will continually monitor the financial position and state of goods on the artistic problems market and on the stock exchange floor.

Problemarket.com invites artists, curators, journalists, theoreticians, critics, producers and also institutions (museums, galleries, festivals) to participate in the future work of dPAPd and to help the functioning of this department and to contribute to its further development.

“A problem is a challenge wrongly considered”, said English poet and philosopher GK Chesterton at the beginning of last century. We paraphrase him: “Art is a problem wrongly challenged”. Let’s make a profit out of it!

Additional Activities of dPAPd in Frankfurt (June 2002)
Problemarket.com patrocinates two excellent music events on RadioX Frankfurt (101.4 Mhz FM Stereo): BAST