The Whole Internet

Olia Lialina

TUE, 29 May 2018
Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

In this talk Olia Lialina discusses the most important elements of the web from the mid ’90s and exposes the relationship between a new medium and its first users. The web of the mid ’90s was bright, rich, personal, slow and under construction. Today this relationship has dissipated as the Internet became a mass medium to accommodate dotcom ambitions, professional authoring tools and usability guidelines. Olia Lialina’s talk deals with the choices web masters of pre-social networks had to make in their work before web design became a profession, and about her choices today, being a designer, a passionate researcher of the vernacular web, and a keeper of the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age archive. In her highly illustrated talk the artist introduced to the audience pearls of the early web culture, going much deeper than usual ‘Under Construction’ signs and animated GIFs nostalgia.

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