Davor Mišković

Davor Mišković


Davor Mišković is the director of the Rijeka-based cultural association Drugo more, which connects its dynamic artistic programme with discourses in science and cultural theory, in the belief that art is important as a cognitive tool. With an MA in sociology, he also works as a researcher of the cultural sector, active in the creation of cultural policies and the management of cultural institutions and networks (in 2009–2016, he was the president of the national cultural network Clubture and coordinated the cultural strategy development in the region of Istria and in the cities Pula, Labin and Pazin). He has contributed more than 50 articles to cultural magazines and publications and published the book Research in Culture (2013). He has worked for the Croatian Ministry of Culture and has been a part-time associate in cultural associations, market research agencies, and publications. He leads the flagship programme Dopolavoro taking place in the frame of Rijeka 2020 ECoC.

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Care: Solidarity is Disobedience

01 Jun 2020
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