MemesteticA 5/6 [talk]

Clusterduck, Valentina Tanni

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 at 5 pm (CET)

Can we consider internet memes a proper art form? And which tools can we use to better understand their hidden meanings? In this conversation, Valentina Tanni, author of the book “MemesteticA – The Eternal September of Art”, and the Clusterduck collective, whose intensive research on memes is internationally renowned, work toward answering these questions while also presenting a few case studies from their recent work.

In the framework of the Clusterduck’s exhibition Meme Manifesto we released a new publication The Detective Wall Guide. Co-published by IMPAKT.

As part of MemesteticA, a conference curated by Valentina Tanni in the framework of Tactics & Practice.

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