• Société Réaliste


    There is a field of non-Euclidean geography which has never got its Nobel-prize winner. The major tools of this emerging science is tearing, gluing and stretching topographic elements in order to reach an idealized inertia of a piece of land corresponding to the mental projections of its inhabitants. The constant endeavor of the researchers of territorial ergonomics consists in re-designing hypsometric tints, shaded reliefs, longitudes, latitudes and contour lines in the direction to fit (...)

  • Marko Batista


    Experimental New Media Performance
  • Paolo Cirio


    Photo: Janez Janša
    Stories, interventions, tactics and concepts of social realities designed and perpetrated by the new media artist Paolo Cirio will be displayed together for the first time in a solo exhibition at the new Aksioma | Project space. The core of this exhibition will be the opus of new media projects realized by the artist in the last years, including Face-to-Facebook (2010), P2P Credit Cards – Gift Finance (2010) and Open Society Structures (2009).
    All these art pieces (...)

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  • Dan Adlešič - Furniture Pets

    From 10 October 2018 to 2 November 2018

    Solo exhibition

    Exhibition opening: WED, 10 October 2018 at 7 pm

    Aksioma Project Space
    Komenskega 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    * Part of Aksioma Institute production programme for supporting young artists.