Janez Janša, Biografija

Marcel Štefančič, jr.


Behind a name there is always a biography, the story of a life. But what if more than one person shares the same name? Which biography will be associated with that name?
Biografija, the Biography of Janez Janša by Marcel Štefančič Jr., originally promoted on the birthday of the former Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, is not about his life, but about the life of the three artists who chose to bear his name.
As Janez Janša is a trinitarian name, the biography is also “one in three”: in the beautiful photographic book the early lives of the artists are told. Growing up in three different places and in three different countries, but in the same decades, the Seventies and the Eighties, they went through the red armies, the fall of communism, the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the disintegration and subsequent reestablishment of ideologies.
Anecdotes from the lives of the three artists and the social picture of those years foretell the topics that they would later examine in their work.


Marcel Štefančič, jr.: Janez Janša, Biografija
Language: Slovenian
Edited by: Maja Savelli
Publisher: Mladina časopisno podjetje d.d., Ljubljana, 2008
Design: studiobotas
Producer: Maska – Institute for Publishing, Production and Education
Co-producer: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
Printed by: Tiskarna Pleško
Distributed by: Institute Maska, Institute Aksioma
ISBN 978-961-91168-5-2

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