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Basic Rules

--- Funding Applications

You can apply to 4 cultural institutions: #1 Private Foundation, #2 Ministry of Culture, #3 International Funds, #4 Municipality.
Collect all required documents before applying. When the icon Send Materials! flashes, go to the Post Office. While the Committee of Experts evaluates the application, try to influence its decision by convincing (repeat spinner shots), impressing (hit the Central Dropped Target), corrupting (shoot the Vari-Target) or flirting with (get the Central Moving Target) one or more of its members.

--- Award
If the icon Award is lit, pick up the nomination for an Award (Post Office) and then lobby with the 5 members of the jury to get the prize. They are at the Vari-Target, Spinner, Right Rollover Lane, Right Ramp, and at the Central Moving Target.

--- Sponsor (Multiball #1)
Shoot the Central Moving Target to contact a Private Company. Send them your materials (Post Office) and then meet the Marketing Director. - Obtain a 20 Million sponsorship by shooting the Central Moving Target while the Sponsor icon is flashing. - Obtain a 100 Million General Sponsorship by shooting the same target within 5 seconds.

--- Production Award (Multiball #2)
Fill the List of Production Achievements and then send it (Post Office).

--- Patron (Multiball #3)
Find a Patron by hitting the Top Right Spot Target until the word strojZOIS is completely spelled out and then get the Upper Left Kicker and select the option "Patron".

--- Wider Strategy (Multimode #1)
Apply for funding to 2 or more Cultural Institutions at the same time and get 1 Million for each active application by shooting the Spinner or the Right Side Rollover.

--- On All Fronts (Multimode #2)
Send at once all 4 funding applications, your Materials to a company and the List of Production Achievements. Get 4 Million by shooting the Spinner and the Right Side Rollover and 100 Million by shooting the Right Ramp.

--- Refunds
At the end of the Fundraising Action some expenses are refunded. You can expect a certain refund if you managed to light the corresponding icon on the top of the Left Metal Ramp. The amount of refunded cash is based on the number of icons lit.

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