Less Metrics, More Rando – Techniques of Resistance in a Platform World

Ben Grosser

WED, 25 May 2022
Cukrarna, Ljubljana

Today’s social media users are constantly confronted by platforms that seek to profile their interests and manipulate their emotions in order to generate never-ending profits. Yet these same platforms have become the world’s de facto communication tools, the mediums through which we connect with each other and learn about the world. How can we better understand—and thus potentially withstand—the ways these systems influence who we are and what we do? What are techniques of resistance in a platform world? This talk will examine these questions through several of the artist’s works that critically intervene in, extract from, and/or reimagine the world’s most profitable tech companies, making possible renewed opportunities for user agency over the software platforms we engage with every day.

Part of Tactics & Practice #12: New Extractivism.

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