Kites & Websites – Evan Roth

Domenico Quaranta

Digital version of the catalogue which was published on the occasion of Evan Roth’s exhibition Kites & Websites at Belenius/Nordenhake, Stockholm, 2016.


Changes have been made to the layout of this book for the digital version to improve screen readability. An unaltered version of the original printed book can be downloaded here.

Kites and Websites collects a selection of works developed in the framework of Evan Roth’s Internet Landscapes project, an ongoing investigation into the network, nature and the self. Like a new romantic wanderer, he has studied the global submarine fiber optic cables in various countries, often finding himself alone in remote locations.

As the art critic Domenico Quaranta explains, the visual language adopted for the project is infrared photography, a conceptual reference to the architecture of the Internet. Roth also collects audio documentation through a device that scans radio frequencies at regular intervals, recording a mix of white noise and audio fragments. While the Internet Landscapes photos have been printed on kites, the audio and video recordings have been used to build websites.

Through understanding and experiencing the Internet’s physicality, one comes to understand the network not as a mythical cloud, but as a human made and controlled system of wires and computers.” ~ Evan Roth


Kites & Websites – Evan Roth
Language: English
Published on the occasion of the exhibition Kites & Websites by Evan Roth at Belenius/Nordenhake, Stockholm, 2016.
Print edition limited to 250 copies.
Text by Domenico Quaranta
Layout by Linnaea Silfvergrip
Published by Belenius/Nordenhake, Stockholm, 2016
Co-published by Aksioma, Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
Printed by Göteborgs Tryckeri
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the
Municipality of Ljubljana.
ISBN 978-91-983230-0-9
Digital edition
Distributed by:
ISBN 978-91-983230-1-6

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