Dissecting New Extractivism

Vladan Joler

WED, 16 March 2022
Cukrarna, Ljubljana

In this talk, researcher and artist Vladan Joler dissects the various layers of the superstructures that underlie new extractivist practices. Step by step, from the gravity fields of the Internet black holes to the architecture of our personalised prison caves to the design of the numerous parts of the engines of extractivism, Joler takes us through the different allegories and concepts presented in his recent animated movie, map and essay The New Extractivism. The work illustrates various aspects of this prison in 33 chapters that each explore a different theoretical concept related to the topics of power, control, digital labour, colonialism and exploitation of nature, among others. In that sense, this lecture is a cognitive and visual rollercoaster designed to help us understand the complexities enabling the new structures of power hidden behind the screens on our devices.

Part of Tactics & Practice #12: New Extractivism.

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