Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana

Jelena Milovanović, Milan Tomášik
dance performance

Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture / Komuna Hall
Trg Prekomorskih brigad 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Opening: Tuesday, 14 September 2010 at 9 pm
Repetition: Wedenesday, September 2010 at 9 pm

Entrance fee: 8 EUR / 10 EUR

Graphic: Jelena Milovanović

The dancing body is caught in a net: the spectator's gaze tries to define it and capture it in an image. The body tries to resist by dancing the dance, by using the inner gaze that guides the dance and follows itself in motion. In between the two there are the dancer's eyes, the subjective gaze of the body in motion capturing its fragments and details. The Displaced Body performance tries to capture the body's integrity by confronting the living body with a kaleidoscope of its traces. By being placed between the artistic and the ordinary, between the spectacle and the physical presence, the body is opened to its potential.

Displaced Body derives from the exploration process started in 2006 by Jelena Milovanović and Milan Tomášik. The process focused on exploring some of the basic dance principles and mainly dealt with the question whether the dancer leads the motion consciously or whether the motion leads the dancer while the consciousness merely follows the body, and, based on that ambivalence, tried to understand the relationship between two dancers, where the initiative, during the attempt of establishing and at the same time upsetting their motion synchronization, is always shifting from the consciousness of the one to the body of the other to the consciousness of the other to the body of the one.

About the Authors

Jelena Milovanović
(born Aug. 20, 1976 in Postojna) has worked for a number of years in the field of contemporary dance as a producer (Viktar and Emanat Institutes), dance pedagogue (Music and Ballet High School – Department of Contemporary Dance, Terpsihora Society), choreographer and dancer (Komad za Matjaža Hanžka / A Piece for Matjaž Hanžek, Samo Gosarič, PTL 2009; Reistična predstava / Reistic Show, 2010) and mentor of the Obsession dance club, as well as writing reviews in festival publications (Mesto žensk / City of Women, Mladi levi / Young Lions).

Milan Tomášik (born in 1981 in Slovakia) has lived and worked in Slovenia since 2004. He studied dance at the J. L. Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, graduating from the Brussels international dance school P.A.R.T.S. He has worked with a number of artists like Jackie Gray, Katarína Mojžišová, Iztok Kovač, Mala Kline, Tomáš Krivošík, Snježana Premuš, Maja Delak, Barbara Novakovič Kolenc and Alexander Gottfarb. In Slovakia he received the City of Prievidza award for promoting contemporary dance in Slovakia and abroad. He is a co-founder and active member of the currently very successful Les SlovaKs dance collective.


Dance and Choreography: Jelena Milovanović, Milan Tomášik
Dramaturgy: Samo Gosarič
Video: Vesna Krebs, Robertina Šebjanič
Music: Simon Bergoč
Costumes: Tanja Devetak

Executive producer: Marcela Okretič

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana 2010

Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture

LJUDMILA / KUD France Prešeren, Plesni Teater Ljubljana, Zavod Maska

Thanks to: KUD Pozitiv – DIC, Zavod Bunker

The programme of Aksioma is regularly supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Town Municipality of Ljubljana – Department of Culture

Marcela Okretič
Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana