Notes from the Excluded Middle

Daniël de Zeeuw


Is the idea of society as the totality of individuals the only way of envisioning human sociality, or is it only a historically determined construct? What other dimensions emerge when we shift from thinking in terms of individuals to dividuals and their assembling into condividuals? Which are the political implications of this shift in the contemporary capitalism that already operates on a condividual level? Starting from these questions, the Dutch media theorist Daniel de Zeeuw explored the visions exposed during a two-day event, inspired by Marco Deseriis’s book, Proper and Improper Names – Identity in the Information Society (Ljubljana, 17–18 October 2017). During the event an inquiry into the status of the individual was conducted through the notion of the trans and condividual (Deseriis) as well as the dividual (Gerald Raunig), and the political and artistic practices they engage in (Wu Ming 1 and Natalie Bookchin).


Daniël de Zeeuw: Notes from the Excluded Middle
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