Matthias Fritsch

 >> The Story of Technoviking

Artist talk
TUE, 2 September 2014
Aksioma | Project Space


The Story of Technoviking is a film project by German artist and filmmaker Matthias Fritsch. While one of his videos became the world famous Internet meme “Technoviking”, known by tens of millions of users, he is all alone in a legal battle in Germany. One decade after his video was first published online, the video’s protagonist emerged, sued him over uncleared personality rights, demanded financial compensation and the removal of the meme including user reactions. Matthias is making a film about this case, telling the story behind the Technoviking meme and give a voice to fans, lawyers and specialists that can help other active users and artists to protect themselves against old laws that have yet to catch up to contemporary meme culture.

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