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Ron’s story

Marina Grzinic

Slovenian video works seen through international video productions and vice versa
Zero Visibility (of the reverse order), catalogue of the exhibition
edited by Valentina Valentini
Maska, Ljubljana 2003

This video questions how much today the body in crisis, the ill, marginalized body, provokes problems within the field of representation and subvert genuine social engagement. Are we ready to face death and real pain? JanÅ¡a’s video work engulfs the TV screen with vivid in blood encoded action. Performed by the cultish radical performer Ron Athey (being publicly introduced as HIV positive) the scenery seems both ’fantastic or unreal’ and trashily horrifying. The story transpires e near future of the body that will be all focused in carnal sensations, afforded by art, aesthetics and lust. The work is a combination of obsession fantasies and a true love for blood. The music by BAST is effective until the point of an absolute vertiginous amplification of Athey performance.


Marina Grzinic