Joey Skaggs

 >> Making a Difference: Art & Media Activism

MON, 9 May 2016
Faculty of Social Sciences - University of Ljubljana
Abandon any preconceived ideas about news media. Your mouth will drop open and your eyes will pop with disbelief as you see Skaggs in various disguises and personas repeatedly fooling the people whose job it is not to be fooled.
Using extensive video documentation, Skaggs reveals the stories behind his most provocative and successful work. In hilarious detail, he chronicles fifty years of manipulating the media to address such issues as cultural intolerance and racism; scientific cure-alls that exploit people’s weaknesses and vanities; inequities in the American judicial system; and the misuse of power and authority by government, big business, people with an agenda and the media itself.
As a committed and passionate advocate of media literacy, independent thinking, and creative activism, he always reveals the truth behind his hoaxes and explains his intent.
Skaggs teaches how to analyze and extract the underlying messages in the news; question authority in all its forms; not give up critical analysis for wishful thinking; look to more than one source for information; and not trust everything you read, see and hear. The experience will profoundly change your own relationship to mass media.