>> Gerald Geilert: BridA: Homo Faber Becomes Homo Ludens

Gerald Geilert: BridA: Homo Faber becomes Homo Ludens

Edited by Janez Janša
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The art collective BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica was established while the artists were studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. Since then, their production has been widely diversified and heterogeneous. Gerald Geilert, Prof. of Visual and Audio-Visual Media Theory, reads their projects in terms of utopia as depicted by Flusser. Flusser’s utopia is a telematic society in which mankind is mainly playing and celebrating thanks to a new kind of imagination, a society in which Homo ludens has replaced Homo faber. In its projects, BridA uses calculations and analytic tools – which normally serve useful and productive purposes – for creating artistic and leisure experiences. BridA demonstrates how the momentum of leisure can be built into everyday life and work situations. Maybe the collective’s contributing to the creation of the new imagination of Homo ludens; certainly, they’re avantgarde thinkers, who promote self-reflective reasoning in a digitalised world


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BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica

Aksioma | Project Space
Komenskega 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia
25 November–12 December 2015

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