>> Davide Grassi 02/04 - Selected Works

N. of pages: 24

texts by
Dr. Bojana Kunst
Igor Španjol
Ana Buigues
Antonio Caronia

selected works:
Ballettikka RealVideo Internettikka
Trst je Nostra!
Problemarket.com - The Problem Stock Exchange + ProNews

published by
Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
April 2004

for the publisher
Marcela Okretič

Jana Wilcoxen

designed by

printed by
Bistisk d.o.o.

film preparation
Alten d.o.o.

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Davide Grassi 02-04, Selected Works [ENG] - Leonardo on-line
Reviewed by Stefaan Van Ryssen

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  • Lea Culetto: deflowered by Lea

    From 27 June 2019 to 12 August 2019

    Solo exhibition

    Exhibition opening: THU, 27 June 2019 at 7 pm

    Miklova hiša Gallery
    Škrabčev trg 21, Ribnica, Slovenia

    * Part of Aksioma Institute production programme to support young artists.

  • My Name is Janez Janša

    From 4 to 7 July 2019

    Documentary screening in the framework of Simposio - utopia reale.

    Villaggio ENI
    Borca di Cadore (BL), Italy