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Aesthetic body

Uroš Korenčan

Excerpts from Maska, Magazine for scenic arts
num. 3, 1999, page 87, 89

Overturnment / Nuclear Body is clear-cut representation of body dematerialization through the processes of medical scanning.
What happens is actually digitalization of bio systems in the artist’s body (for instance nervous system, bone structure, veins and arteries...), this bio data is later combined through procedures of computer manipulation. Through this process a new information entity is created, one, that contains all bio data of human (artists) body at specific moment of taking samples. In informational sense whole transformation process creates new body - virtual body.

Process itself - of collecting needed data, is shown to us in the 7 minutes long video. The climax of it is injection of radioactive isotopes -this, dissolved and distributed in the body systems, are the real transfer of picture, that can be seen with assistance of medical gears and equipment.

So by undertaking the tests artist confronted classical body art form through artistic process and the exhibited product contains only body in mediated form, artist doesn’t appear live in front of us.

If the thing we observe on video can be called the transcendence of a body into higher - digital state, the moment of this "Event" is symbolized with floated passage of Nuclear Body through the retina of the eye, this is also the end of video clip.

Bodies breakthrough the retina instructs us to go to the other space, where this body of a higher state can be observed in metal chamber. A new body is identical (in sense of information data) to body of artist, on the day of medical examinations. All the data collected is changed into image that is materialized in fluid, untouchable state of fog. In creating his eternal youth image artist had free hands, so he was able to point out all aesthetic elements. Therefor we can say, that virtual body is mainly aesthetic body, because relation body - machine peels out mainly aesthetic components.

In our quest for body that would be free and independent from natural laws, that would be eternal and without weight, Nuclear Body seems to be on the right path.

In the framework of installation it lives its short cyclic life, of course, cyclic for us. To prove us that it’s still there, that it didn’t escape somewhere else, that it’s not doing something, we didn’t plan it to.


Uroš Korenčan