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  • Tactics and Practice: New Media Drivers

    1-5 June 2010
    Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    With: Dan Wilcox aka danomatika (US), Alessandro Ludovico (IT), Borut Batagelj (SI),
    Cirkulacija 2 (SI), Daniel Fabry (AT), Domenico Quaranta (IT), Dunja Kukovec (SI), Dušan Bučar (SI), hans w. koch (DE), Janez Janša (SI), Jurij Krpan (SI), Luka Frelih (SI), Marco Deseriis (IT), Johannes Grenzfurthner (AT), Norimichi Hirakawa (JP),
    Seppo Gründler (AT), Simona Lodi (IT), Srečo Dragan (SI), Sunčica Ostoić (HR),
    Tarek Atoui (LB), Thomas Radeke (AT), Vuk Ćosić (SI).
    Curated by: Marco Deseriis

    MORE: www.aksioma.org/seminar

    New media arts. Whether you make it, curate it, present it, write about it, teach it, programme it, or shape it in some other way, its constantly evolving technologies, a tendency to venture into unknown territories and mingle with diverse disciplines, and a predisposition for critical self-reflection and social discourse fuse new media arts into a fast-paced field that demands frequent updating of the drivers that operate its machinery.

    Thus, the 5-day free pilot seminar Tactics and Practice: New Media Drivers aims to refresh and expand the new media arts educational offering in Slovenia and provide useful tools and insights into the field for creators at various stages in their careers. By utilizing various interdisciplinary teaching methods and modalities (lectures, coaching sessions, workshops, conversations, participatory actions, performances, presentations) the seminar connects the new generation of new media arts creators with renound professionals in the field to build a bridge from an academic "learning environment" to a "working environment", and champions the values of process-oriented and lifelong learning through direct contact, communication, and dialogue.

    The seminar compiles a snapshot of the state of new media art today from different angles while at the same time wanting to "demystify" it. Regardless of how you currently contribute or seek to contribute to the field, you are invited to participate in the week’s events and update your own new media drivers.

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    From 24 to 25 March 2020

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    Besides immersing in the politics of digital money, it will express the potential for the development of currencies that can be held accountable – also to our values.

    In the framework of the conference series Tactics & Practice .


    Center for Urban Culture Kino Šiška
    Trg Prekomorskih brigad 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia