Baruch Gottlieb, Dmytri Kleiner

 >> Common Participation and Networking Enterprises

A presnetation/conversation moderated by Bani Brusadin
TUE, 12 March 2015 at 3 pm
Center for Urban Culture Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

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In the third session, focuses are the libertarian tradition of American counterculture, and the analysis of the intersection between business and libertarian critique of the establishment. Exploring the business strategy of creating a large network of engaged users to produce revenue, presenters argue that today we are facing a progressive commercialisation of networking practices and contexts of sharing and social relationships. Such a process is emphasised by the description of the evolution of the Burning Man Festival, from a countercultural gathering of libertarian and experimental people, drawing from the experiences of The Suicide Club and The Cacophony Society, to a platform designed to shape business strategies based on exchange and participation. Drawing upon Fred Turner’s paper “Burning Man at Google” (2009), we propose to consider Burning Man as a metaphor of a social network in which all the participants contribute for free in the creation of a shared commons, but in which the owner receives the final revenues. Alongside, the proposal of an alternative to capitalism by working within capitalistic logic is suggested by the notion of Venture Communism developed by the Telekommunisten collective, who will present the latest miscommunication technologies, including the new release OCTO P7C-ES, a metaphor of a centralised social network made of intertwined pneumatic tube offline-technology, ready to be disrupted by the visitors.